»19:30 stacks«, 2011 by Aleksandra Domanović. The stack on the right is freely downloadable as a PDF.


»Chére R«, 2006, A4 double-sided photocopied text with carrier, free copyright. By Claire Fontaine.


“Untitled (Crunch Time)”, 2009 by Matias Faldbakken. Facsimile of “The Economist”. Print edition for free distribution.

“Bootleg Piece #2 (Brussels)”, 2006 – free CD’s (with John Prine bootleg concert) and “GEEE! (US Patent number: 7.337.565 B2)”, 2008 by Øystein Aasan.

Freely downloadable hi-res photographs by Hans Aarsman.


»free fotolab« (2004-ongoing) evolves from a public campaign, offering the development of 35mm films free of charge in exchange for exclusive universal image rights.


Still from »gercegin geri donusu /the return of the real« (2005). By Phil Collins.