“Future Memory”, 2010 by Johan Eldrot.


»Supersurface-Life«, 1972 by Superstudio.


“Coro Spezzato: The Future lasts one day”, 2009 by Rosa Barba.

»Exodus 2048«, 2008-2009 by Michael Blum.

“My Potential Future Based on Present Circumstances”, 2006 by Beth Campbell.

»Untitled (unpredicteble future)«, 2004 by Mircea Cantor.


»TEARS FOR THE FUTURE« (2008) by Javier Morales and John Michael Boling.


The film »Wandering through the Future« (2007) consists of fragments of 70 film productions from all over the world. Passing all sorts of apocalyptic landscapes and scenarios, the one-hour video leads you through the future from 2008 until 802.701 A.D. in order of appearance. The film tries to examine the way the Future has been given shape and how the different scenarios relate to eachother. Worst-case scenarios with for instance natural disasters, utopian and dystopian cities, virusses, clones and habitats on other planets give insights in the fear for one of our main exploration still to come. By Marjolijn Dijkman. View Timeline.


»Lots of Future Shock«, 1995-2005 (copies of Alvin Tofler’s Future Shock) by Joshua Callaghan.


»Future Shock« Randal Szott/LeisureArts.