»G8 Gipfel«, 2009 by Peter Weibel.

“Garden of Eden”, 2007 by Wollle shows eight pedestals, each of which is covered with an airtight Plexiglas box. Via the internet, the latest air pollution levels in the capitals of the G8-countries are obtained. The system reproduces these levels artificially inside these boxes, each of which contains a lettuce that serves an indicator of the quality of the air inside the capsules.

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Pictures from the series “Virtual & Individual” and

G8_fence_4.jpg G8_fence_of_cops_field.jpg

“Operation Sorbus, G8 Scotland, 2005” by Immo Klink.


»G8 -The brooms« (2004) and »Save Manhattan« (2003-2004) by Mounir Fatmi.