“Colorless, odorless and tasteless”, 2011 by Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG. Customised arcade game, engine.

»Summoned Luck for Missing Numbers«, 2011 by Karen Kraven.

»Untitled (Cards)«, 2010 by Annette Kelm.

“Building an Electronic Ruin”, 2011 by Andreas Angelidakis.

»The Inter Machine«, 2008, lottery machine, polystyrene and paper, by Maja Bajević.

»Beat the Champ«, 2011 by Cory Arcangel.

Excerpt from »Water Pulu 1869 1896«, 1988 by Ivan Ladislav Galeta.

_MG_2051c_solocrop _MG_0603cc

»HARD FLIP NOODLE«, 2010 and »PLAY-R GRIP«, 2010 from »A vs B«, a collaboration between Anne de Vries and Billy Rennekamp.

Drawings from the series “Correspondence: From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe“, 2007-08 (324 letterheads reproduced in pencil) and

“Gates of Wisdom” and “Examine the Evidence” from “AMIGA COMPUTER WORK“, 1991-1992 by Suzanne Treister.

“Atari Light”, 1999 by Pierre Huyghe. Computer game program interface, joysticks, halogen lamps.

»Jogo Transparente«, 2006, transparent cards decks, edition of 100, by Carla Zaccagnini.


»Game Flags«, 2007 by Vuk Cosic.


»Turing Train Terminal«, 2004 by Severin Hofmann and David Moises.


“Acqua falsa” and


“Totó Treme Terra” by Chelpa Ferro.

Picture 12.png

»In the Name of Kernel!« flight recording series by Joan Leandre.


»Female Armor«, 2007 (ripped data from custom ‘sexy armor’ computer game mods) by James Whipple.




»M«, 1992 (photographed pinball high scores on three different continents) by Marko Vuokola.

tree.jpg tree2.jpg

“The Tree”, a 10-meter high, real magnolia tree planted in the center of Chile’s National Stadium. By Sebastian Errazuriz.


Christian Korth

burden1.jpg burden-2.jpg

“Reenactment of Chris Burden’s Shoot” from the series “Synthetic Performance in Second Life” by Eva and Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG. See also “Shoot” by Chris Burden.

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