»There Are No Perfect Games«, 2008 by Pravdoliub Ivanov.


Christian Korth


Stills from »EXIT« (1997),


Still from »SKYLINE (2000) by Magnus Wallin.


»Sega Seq 1«, 2007 by Gijs Gieskes.


»Sonic Transmutation«, 2004 by Kevin Bewersdorf.


»Kymlinge« (2002) is a research and consultation project by Jan Aman, Micke Daun, Angelo Plessas and Andreas Angelidakis on new ways of developing towns in Sweden. A model of simulated organic growth is proposed, in part inspired by strategy and RPG games: Begining with the installation of low cost raw »industrial« spaces that would attract young people with the ikea energy to fix them up. This demographic would start-up a new area of Stockholm, creating at first a solution to the housing problem, and leading into the area gradually becoming a »cool« destination inside the city.


Circuitbent Sega Megadrive by Gijs Gieskes.



“Hardball Bracelets” a series of square-stitch bracelets based on the audience graphics from the Commodore64 game Hardball. By Joe Beuckman.


»Tokyo Arcade Warriors – Shibuya« is part of an ongoing series of videoportraits of players of video and computer games. It was shot in three different Public Gaming Arcades near Shinjuku/Tokyo. The faces of the players are the only visible evidence of the game being played. Their facial reactions are synced with the sounds emerging from the game consoles.


The film »Brilliant City« was shot from the 34th floor of a residential complex in Shanghai. The film reacts to a particular visual paradigm, which is well known from strategy and simulation computer games (Sim City, The Sims) as the so called God View.It is the distanced perspective usually taken on by city planners, game players or politicians. Both projects by Axel Stockburger.


“Postmodern Paranoia” and “Surral Dream Master” by Rasmus Bjørn.


Carpet Invaders by Janek Simon.