»**.*XXX* EXTRA CREDIT ***a TOTAL jizzfest*** *«, 2012 by Jennifer Chan.


»Why Are There No Great Women Net Artists?« an essay by Jennifer Chan.

»Sexist Slides«, 1989 by Jennifer Steinkamp.

»Women In Kahves«, 2005 by Pilvi Takala. Excerpt.

»Hip Hip Today«, 2007 by Larissa Sansour.

»unknown sports; pommel horse, triptic«, 2009 by Nilbar Güreş.

»A Room of One’s Own/A Thousand Libraries«, 2006, is a compilation of all the marginal notes made by readers in the Swedish library copies of Virginia Woolf ’s 1929 pamphlet A Room of One’s Own. By Kajsa Dahlberg.

The Guerrilla Girls at the Feminist Future Symposium, 2007 at MoMA.

Picture 18

»Salutations de l’utopie féministe«, 1996 by Sue Bustin.

»THE PENETRATED«, 2008 by Santiago Sierra.

»surprise… you’re pregnant!«, 2007-09 by Emily Roysdon.

»Best of 2000«, 2002, every adjective used to describe artists and their work in Artforum’s “Best of 2000″, by Jennifer Dalton.

Interview with Candice Breitz (2007).


»Hero«, 2004.


»Twelve«, 2003, 6 DVD’s and »Turkish Delight«, 2006, single chanel video projection. All works by Kutlug Ataman.

harrypotter_72dpi_ms.jpg  Hacksworth_Ashley_Crosby_351_654.jpg  Coup_Mary_Kate_Olsen_338_654.jpg

“Harry Potter”, “Crosby” and “Mary Kate Olsen” by Hackworth Ashley.


Still from »Conversations Wit de Churen 3: Da Young And Da Mess«.


»Kalup Linzy as Labisha The Diva«, performance documentation. Kalup Linzy is a video and performance artist. He plays many of the characters in his videos himself and enlists artist friends to perform the others. Many of the characters appear in drag, their vocal tracks either exaggeratedly sped up or slowed down. His videos build a narrative series which alternately mimics, lampoons, and inhabits TV soap operas’ fevered, melodramatic tenor and suspenseful cliffhanger endings.


Autoportraits: Geisha, Unmarked, Maori, Yang Kuei Fei by Andrzej Karmasz.


Mike Wilkes,

super2 Kopie.jpg

Jason Bartell and others at The Lion Alliance


Mark Tompkins is a dancer, choreographer and teacher living in France since 1973.
Song and Dance, one of his most personal shows.