»The Sound of Gender X&Y« is a computer generated audio feed of live Internet data from the National Institute of Health’s sequence of the Human Genome. By Diane Ludin & Marius Shebella.

»Part of Eternity«, 2003 by Anna Wignell.


Framing Leaders” by Shahee Ilyas. “Framing Leaders” is a website consisting of algorithmically generated framed pictures of Heads of Governments based on their length in power, latest Press Freedom Index (RSF) and Corruption Perceptions Index (TI) for the country. Leaders are all about borders, power, constrains which the algorithm translates to ornaments, proportions, matting and darkness.


»Untitled (Uniform Density Star Field)«, 2006, (an artificially created, uniform distribution of stars) by Damon Zucconi.

mondrian Kopie.jpg

»Mondriananalysis« 1994, is an attempt to make Mondrian more popular. In a consultation clients have their personalities analysed through birthdate-generated Mondrian pictures.


»Ready-Mades On Wheels« 1993, an attempt to make “classic” modern sculpture. By Olof Olsson.