»More Beautiful«, 2000 by Claude Closky.

graphiteseq_01_mid.jpg graphiteseq_02_mid.jpg

“Graphite Sequencer” by Caleb Coppock. Video. Graphite conducts electricity. Two wires brush against the surface of a paper disk as it spins. The wires are connected to a simple electronic tone generator. When a line of graphite is drawn across the disk, connecting the two wires, a tone is heard.


»Serie 1024 x 768« by Johannes Franzen. This is an artist programmed software that makes a new image appear in a five to ten second interval. This means that for every new picture the computer program assigns a color to each of the 1024 times 768 dots. The machine does not proceed linearly, i. e. attribute a different color one by one to the dots on display. Rather, a random generator turns out new colors for all the dots with each new calculation; every time, every theoretically possible image can appear.