Detail from “Full Frontal Nudity”, 2011 by Rolf Nowotny.

“Untitled snake oil”, 1998 by Hany Armanious. Hotmelt, glass.

“No Great Discovery Was Ever Made Without a Bold Guess (Time Machine)”, 2012 by Gabriele De Santis. Electric torch, crystal object, wood plinth.

»Lens Flare« by Josefine Lyche.

Drunken Clarity“, 2011 by Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro. Broken beer bottles, putty, 24 carat gold, gum arabic.

“For objects and the infinite – like or after a Katarzyna Kobro exhibition design (retitled and changed display)”, 2011 by Lasse Schmidt Hansen. Glass, wood, paint.

“Untitled”, 2011 by Thea Djordjadze. Steel, paint, cement, fabric, glass.

“Particle”, 2009 by Bethan Laura Wood.

„swapmeet (al-bahr al-mayyit mix) optic«, 2011 by Hannah Sawtell.

“Twentieth Century Modernism, Mirrored and Reflected Infinitely”, 2006 by Josiah McElheny. Hand blown mirrored glass, display structure, transparent mirror, electric lighting.

“Abstract”, 2011 by Nina Beier.

»Berlin à fleur de peau«, 2010 (Installation of dust prints) by Nadia Kaabi-Linke.

A device from the »Fire Painting« , 2010 performance by Sanela Jahić.


“Glass” by Colin Doyle.


“Untitled”, 2006 by Kitty Kraus. Glass.


“Untitled”, 2010 by Nico Vascellari. Paper, windows.


»Shatter III«, 2009 by Tauba Auerbach.


»The Kiss«, 1999 a video by John Smith in collaboration with Ian Bourn.


“Untitled (display)”, 2007 by Justin Beal in collaboration with Elad Lassry.


»Glass Pavilion«, 1914 by Bruno Taut.

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