»A Total Eclipse of The Earth«, (Projection on a painting by Katharina Grosse) 2011 by Samara Golden.

Angela Bulloch.jpg

Images from »Are you coming or going, around?« by Angela Bulloch.


»What’s on the other side?«, 1998-2000. The aim of this project is to get a “sample of the opposite point” of a particular location, here showing the territory where land matches to land.

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»Children’s Museum«, 1997. After the excursion in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Vadim Fishkin asked the students, who ranged from 7 to 12 years old, to create their own “museums” in their own homes using things significant to them. He suggested that they arrange the objects on top of their beds and photograph the resulting installations with disposable cameras. The images, which were exhibited, are the photographs chosen by each student that best represent the message he or she wished to convey to the world