Detail from “Decoy”, 2011 by Eva Grubinger.

»Score Settling 5«, 2008 by Teresa Margolles.

»Moralen (The Moral) (VI)«, 2010 by Alexander Tovborg.

»Molotov Cocktail«, 2007 (Glass bottle gilded in platinum and gold, cork, silk, filled with Revolution! fragrance) by Lisa Kirk.

„Coronadas«, 2008 by Felisa Funes.

»Salle de bains (Chantal Crousel)«, 2011 by Danh Vo.


Paintings by TWAIN (Santiago Taccetti and Natalia Ibáñez Lario).

»Ready/Handmade«, 2008 by Biju Joze.

»GOLD, TRANSFERRED«, 2010 by Aeron Bergman & Alejandra Salinas.

»After-War«, 2009 by Kristina Norman.


»Gold«, dance performance by Alexandra Bachzetsis.


»Magic Beans«, 2009, live size in 14 karat gold by Botis Razvan.


»Untitled«, 2008 (metal, chips, wood and gold paint) by Michel François.

“Untitled”, 2007 by Rashid Johnson. Spray enamel on polyester.


»Untitled (Project Room)«, 2008 by Jonah Groeneboer.

“Geometric Healing Cell for Youth – Model III”, 2007 by Steven Shearer.

“Mirror Abstraction”, 2005 by Carol Bove. Antique crystal ball, gold chain, bronze screws.

»21st Century boys & girls golden mountain«, 2009 by Ssin.

»Liberty«, 2009 (rented mannequin, dime and chromed steel),

»Corner Sculpture No. 1, Olympic Boulevard and Mansfield Avenue«, 2009 by Kathryn Andrews.

»Michael Jackson and Bubbles«, 2009 by Harm Van Den Dorpel.

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