»Video as Suburban Condition«, 2007, is a compilation of videos that explores how self-publishing video websites like YouTube change how people imagine suburban places such as back yards or parking lots as settings for showing themselves to others. It was made as a contribution to the »Video as Urban Condition«.


»Untitled I (Google Sleep)«, 2005-2006, installation with photos of anonymous sleeping people. Each photo was selected from an archive of over a thousand of images of sleeping people whose photos were published on the internet and who were found by Google’s image search engine. By Martijn Hendriks.

google1.jpg  google3.jpg

Google Image Search“, 2004. Working from a list of around 70 words, covering a wide range of references and pre-conceived notions, Google’s image search feature was used to find the 20 most viewed images for each word, which were appropriated to create 60 second slide show-style videos. By Sandy Smith.