Trevor Paglen talking at google about America’s black sites, classified projects, secret military patches…


Framing Leaders” by Shahee Ilyas. “Framing Leaders” is a website consisting of algorithmically generated framed pictures of Heads of Governments based on their length in power, latest Press Freedom Index (RSF) and Corruption Perceptions Index (TI) for the country. Leaders are all about borders, power, constrains which the algorithm translates to ornaments, proportions, matting and darkness.

china painting now.jpg

»Painting China Now«, 2007, a collection of thirty oil paintings, depicting instances of violence inflicted by the Chinese government upon their own citizens, commissioned to a professional Chinese craftsman via the internet. By Ondrej Brody & Kristofer Paetau.


“Mock Protest, Communist Summer Camp”, “Nixon Monument” and “Connecticut Senate Floor” from the series “My Life in Politics” and

hudson.jpg columbia_college.jpg

photos “Hudson” and “Columbia College” from the series “My Audience” by Tim Davis.

Bild 5.png

»BASAYEV« (2006) by Niels Bonde.