“The thing as distance”, 2012 by Anna Sagstrom. String, dye, glass, enamel, copper string.

»Blue Black Red 1«, 2012 by Devin Farrand.

»Cassis 08«, 2008 by Raphaël Halin.

»Degradee Wave for Choja-machi«, 2010 by Lucia Koch.

»Slow Riser«, 2011 by Neil Clements.

“Considering a multiplicity of appearances in light of a particular aspect of relevance. Or: Can art be concrete?”, 2007 Olaf Nicolai. Installation, 16 sheets, 400 books. Exhibition view.

“Untitled (Designs for Colby Poster Company)”, 2007 by Peter Coffin.

»Light frame«, 2010 by Karina Peisajovich.

From the series “The Small Blue Gradient”, 2011 by Rachel de Joode.

»Lilly«, 2005 by Lieko Shiga.

28_John Tremblay_Volvelle,2008

»Volvelle«, 2008 by John Tremblay.

»RWB DROPS«, 2010 by Sterling Ruby.

»Base Cap«, 2010 by René Schmidt.


“French foil blue 1” by Pae White.

»Untitled«, 2006,

»Untitled«, 2010 by Pieter Vermeersch.


»H7«, 2006 by James Welling.


“Roserosa”, 2009 and “Ivory snow”, 2009 by Fabio Marco Pirovino.

“Cardio”, 2009 and “The Cooper Union”, 2008 by Garth Weiser.

“Untitled”, 2007 by Hreinn Fridfinnsson.

»United Colors«, 2001 by Edit Oderbolz.

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