»Triangle«, 1963 by Jo Baer.


“Miracles in nature and Science” from “Words and Years“, 2010 by Toril Johannessen.


“NOW I (Africa-Series) | WV 2009-156 bis 157 Gesamtansicht”, 2009 by Jorinde Voigt.

»Site views«, 2009 by Claude Closky.


»Table Illico« (2007) by Alain Séchas.

SoundChair.jpg SoundChair1.jpg

“Sound/Chair” by Matthew Plummer Fernandez.

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»Art Imitates Life«, 2007. Google search frequency for “art” and “life” from 2004 to 2006 are plotted against each other on a search-volume graph where the number of searches for each term is shown in relation to the number of searches done on Google during a given time period. The two graphs synchronize a surprising amount and are generally very close in volume. At least on the web, art and life imitate each other. By Caleb Larsen.


»Future Shock« Randal Szott/LeisureArts.


»EMF Displacement« (2006) is a room sized sculpture of an electro-magnetic field realized for Locust Projects. The project consists of modeling the Electromagnetic field generated by the FPL substation adjacent to Locust projects. On view was a 10ft. X 12ft. sculpture placed on the floor. The field calculations were translated from computer model to physical dimensions, then built using the scale of the project room as a starting point. This way, the model was entirely site specific to LP, not only in subject but also in size and construction techniques. By Nick D Lobo.


»New York City Public Schools Connected in Numerical Order« (The Bronx) by Neil Freeman.

Ola Pehrson4.jpgOla Pehrson5.jpg Ola Pehrson2.jpg

NASDAQ Vocal Index” – The graphs of companies listed on the NASDAQ are transformed into music. Computer software converts the graphs to sheets of music, and the scores are presented online on a projection screen. By Ola Pehrson. Video.


Sound recordings from the inside of the nuclear powerplant Barsebäck: Requiem for Barsebäck by Jacob Kirkegaard and Tobias Kirstein.