»V«, 2009 by Claude Closky.

»Nausea Games«, 2012 by Ben Wheele.

»Hallucination Technology«, 1986 by Sture Johannesson.

»Sadness season mushroom & jug paintings«, 2011 by Aaron Angell.

»Plan with Cicles 2 Colored«, 2008 by Herwig Weiser.

»Degradee Wave for Choja-machi«, 2010 by Lucia Koch.

»Urban Planning«, 2010

»Insert«, 2010, »Exxentrique«, 2010 by Marte Eknæs.

»Geogoo«, 2008 by JODI.

»Colors, Lines, Numbers, Symbols, Shapes, and Images«, 2010 by Iman Issa.

»Losing you Tonight«, 2009 by Django Hernandez.


A detail from »Triptico optico-psicodelico«, 2010 by Felipe Mujica.


»Plasticine Creature«, 2009 by Goda Gontyte.

“37586 (Geostational Earth-Orbit)”, 2009 from the series “Time & Space” by Achim Horn.

»Fugue«, 1925 by Josef Albers.

»Michael Jackson and Bubbles«, 2009 by Harm Van Den Dorpel.

»PATTERN UNDER THE SUN«, 2007 by Thomas Marecki.

»Untitled (Wall Installation)«, 2008 by Richard Healy.

»gothlolimaids2008.com«, 2008 by Steven Schkolne.

»Artificial Sunset«, 2008 by Allison Wermager.


»I own a house with a Swimming-Pool«, 2005 by Sofia Goscinski.

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