»Here Rests the Grass«, 2004-2006 by Miklos Onucsan.

»Ordnance«, 1971 by Anthony Caro.

»L I N N É A R«, 2001 by HAEL YXXS.


»Mirror Fence«, 2003 by Alyson Shotz.

“Mother and Child”, 1998 by Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey. The artists use genetically manipulated grass as a photographic medium to display the portrait.

From the series “Demoniac Babble“, 2007 by Estelle Hanania.


»Tallaght/Dublin« by Lilli Kuschel.


“Open Sky”, 2008 by Manuel Gorkiewicz.


»GreenScreen (extrActor)«, 2005, is a greenscreen made of hydroponically grown grass which allows the viewers to insert themselves into virtual video backgrounds, which they can choose via remote control. By Benjamin Lee Martin.


»untitled« 2007 by Yosuke Bandai.


“2 x 1000 WATT”, 2007 by Siegrun Appelt.

PW-RegulatedFools3_b.jpg PW-RegulatedFools6_b.jpg

Installation views “Regulated Fool’s Milk Meadow”, 2007 by Phoebe Washburn.


“O-Ton”, 2002 by Christoph Priglinger. Quotations of soccer-players mown into artificial lawn.


“Covering” by Lisa Vieten. Video excerpt.


»ONE: Nebraska City«, 2007 by Tex Jernigan.


»Revival Field«, 1990-1993. On eighteen square meters of ground in Pig’s Eye landfill in St. Paul, Minnesota, contaminated with cadmium and isolated by metal barriers, Mel Chin made a smaller circle divided into six zones comprising of various species of decontaminating plants (absorbing heavy metals such as zinc and the cadmium). Plantings lasted until the site was detoxified.

Blast6.jpg Blast3.jpg

“Blast #6” and “Blast #3” by Geert Goiris. See also Sarah Pickering.


»On Leisure« (imitation grass, straight shaft gasoline grass trimmer, Mr. Zogs tropical scented surf wax) and


»Mien Fore« performance by John G. Boehme.

namaiki garden.jpg

Documentation of Namaiki’s Kinky Muff Land (2007), an exhibition on gardening and agriculture in the city.


»Rasen« is a modified paper shredder. The shredding speed is reduced to 1/800.000 of its actual speed, shredding less than 1 cm of paper in 24 hours (reaching the growth speed of grass). By Thorsten Streichardt.

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