»Untitled (Modernist House)«, 2005 (plastic pony beads, artificial hair) by Kori Newkirk.

„Coronadas«, 2008 by Felisa Funes.

»Virgin Hair«, 2011 by Katarína Hrušková.

Still from »Cheese«, 2007 by Mika Rottenberg.

»Short Sad Text (based on the borders of 14 countries)«, 2004-2005, hair on soap, by Oksana Pasaiko.

»Wigs«, 1996 – 2006 by Lorna Simpson.

»October 20th, 1964«, 2009 by Kim Dorland.

»Art must be beautiful«, 1975 by Marina Abramović. I brush my hair with a metal brush held in my right hand and simultaneously comb my hair with a metal comb held in my left hand. While so doing, I continuously repeat ‘Art must be beautiful’, ‘Artist must be beautiful’, until I have destroyed my hair and face.


»Belgian Flag«, 2006 by Justin Morin.


»Uncle Tom«, 2003


»Homage to Chinua Achebe IV (Fela Kuti “Zombie”)«, 2004 by Rashid Johnson.

Koons.jpg Nan.jpg

“Balloon, London, after Jeff Koons” and “Nat, after Nan Goldin” from the series “Afters” by Thomas Lélu.


“Scroll drawing” (12″wide x 40″long) by Maya Hayuk.


“Girl doing the splits”, “Hair wave from girl fight” and “Dope E of the Terrorists” from the series “Houston”.

gaahl.jpg frost.jpg

“Frost of 1349 & Satyricon” and “Gaahl of Gorgoroth” from the series “Norwegian Black Metal”. All pictures by Peter Beste.

Hair.jpg  Clap.jpg

Videos “Align the length of your hair” and “Clap in time” by Nina Jan Beier & Marie Jan Lund.


»Unique« by Polona Tratnik displays micro-organisms brought by the visitors. Samples from hair, underneath the nails, saliva… are gathered and artificially kept alive in a surogate living enviroment. From the 5th Triennial Of Contemporary Slovenian Art U3.


“Åsa & Peter”, “No title”,


“Smokeman”, “Dirk & Phyllis” and “No title” by Susanna Hesselberg.

04.jpg  10.JPG

A documentary about the Iranians Jewish community in Los Angeles and


“Real Dolls”, silicone dolls made in California. Both projects by Anoush Abrar.


Because every hair is different” and


“Heute bleibt die Küche kalt, wir gehen in den Wienerwald” by Marlene Haring.


Ceramic Sphere, Human Hair, Cables, High Voltage Generator. “Tension Thing” by Judith Fegerl. Video.


Photos by Scarlett Hooft Graafland.

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