»The Opposite of Backwards«, 2008 by Alicia Frankovich.

»Flétrissure«, 2010-2011 by Agnes Geoffray.

“Depth Mapping (The Mountain)”, 2011 by Kate Steciw.

»Chrome«, 2011 by Riccardo Previdi.

»Between a tree and a plastic chair«, 2010 by Vanessa Safavi.


“Shaker”, 2007 by Michael Beutler. Aluminium profiles mangled falt, wood, thread.


»Mes Voeux Sous Filet«, 1997 by Annette Messager.


»Untitled«, 2005 by Tatiana Trouvé.


“Ohne Titel”, 2008 by Peter Wehinger.

“The Hanging Smoking Garden”, 2007 by Mikala Dwyer.

Hanging Garden«, 2009, installation of over 300 different dry plants hanged chronologically, by Aki Nagasaka.

“Transparent Plexi Mandala”, 2006 by Karl Holmqvist.

»blek vumen poup (black woman pope)«, 2004/2008 by Mladen Stropnik.

»Angle«, 2008 by Darri Lorenzen. A pole hung at an angle slowly rotates in the middle of a space. During a one-minute sequence, bright lights directed at the pole gradually fade out, pause, and fade back in. As the space becomes darker, the pole glows.

»House of Egypt«, 2007 by Benjamin Alexander Huseby.


»Habibi« (2003) by Adel Abdessemed.


»Dust«, 2005 by Alexandre Arrechea.


“Confetti Light” by Front.


»Gimme Gummi«, 2003 by Severin Hofmann, Leo Schatzl and David Moises.

Keith Boadwee.jpg

“Tree hang one”, “Pinecone”, “Legline”, “Leap into the yard” and “Dirt roll one” by Keith Boadwee.

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