»Evil Decoder (Ouiji Subwoofer)«, 2006. A modified subwoofer which vibrates a Ouiji Pointer over Ouiji letters, spelling out the sinister directives that have been encoded in all popular music as subliminal messages. By Jon Sasaki.


“Hidden Town” by Gregor Graf.


“Rooftop Room” consists of a tin roof constructed on top of a privately owned flat-roof house in Kustepe, Istanbul.


“Permanently Unfinished House with Cell Phone Tree”. A cell tower is disguised as a tree. The house remains unfinished, so the owners can avoid paying taxes. Visual pollution and deregulation shape both the built and the natural environments. All Projects by Marjetica Potrc.


»Grey Area« (12 Atttempts to hide in an office environment) from 2001, »Fuck It Up and Start Again« (One guitar smashed and mended 7 times) from 2001 and »Individual Features Removed« from 2004 by Sofia Hultén.


»Events With Unknown Outcome« shows various objects (beer crates, a blanket, ball and plastic bag) in the park surrounding the last border watchtower still standing since the GDR in Berlin. Sofia Hultén secretly videotaped whatever happened to the objects from the vantage point of the tower.