»La ascensión«, 2005 by Jorge Macchi.

»The Fantastic Tavern: The Tbilisi Avant-Garde«, 2009 Curated by Daniel Baumann and AIRL.

»Mass of St. Gregory, Münster. Defacement 9 february 1529«,

»Annunciation, Swanden. Defacement 21 december 1528« by Gert Jan Kocken.

»Wonder«, 2009 (Byzantine icon, tears mechanism) by Vlad Nanca.

»Medical Gymnastics«, 2008 by Agnieszka Polska.

»Colored Vases« (Neolithic vases (5000 – 3000 BC) and acrylic) by Ai Weiwei.

»Hottentots Holland: Flora Capensis 1«, 2008 by Andrew Putter.

»RECLAMATION«, 2008 (A republishing of selected covers of the Metropolis Chronicle, the newspaper of Metropolis) by Kristin Posehn.

»How to organize a wave of prosperity pron«, 2008 (PDF), »Composition as explanation pron«, 2008 (PDF) and »Phaedrus pron«, 2008 (PDF) by Paul Chan.