“Popular commotion”, 2011 by Nathan Peter. Bitumen lacquer, enamel, canvas, tape and aluminum.

»K-HOLE« is a trend-forecasting report by a team of young cultural strategists: Greg Fong, Sean Monahan, Emily Segal, Chris Sherron and Dena Yago.

“Surface (two)”, 2010 by Andy Boot.

25_Steven Parrino_Void Vortex, 1996

»Void Vortex«, 1996 by Steven Parrino.

»In Homage to Bruce Lee«, 2004 by Oskar Dawicki.


“Noch so ein Sieg, und wir haben verloren”, 2010 by Michael Hakimi.

“Holes in Philosophy #1”, 2008 by Benoît Maire. Philosophy encyclopedia.

Picture 1

»Gulp«, 2009 by Ervin Wurm.

»Things to Say«, 2009 by Jürg Lehni & Alex Rich. Furniture by Martino Gamper.

»Trou«, 2008 by Körner Union.

610-3356“, 2008 by Sarah Oppenheimer.

Picture 6.png

»Eminent Domain«, 2008, installation consisting of a composition of weathered poster stacks covered with reflective foil, discarded plywood, flourescent lighting and various size holes drilled into the posters. By Nathan Peter.


»Something Less Something More (Detail view)«, 2004 by Pierre Bismuth.


“Pieces de Monet”, 2007 by Sammy Engramer.


True-to-scale model of his atelier – part of “Astronaut (be right back)” and


“The Shaft of Babel” by Hans Schabus.

jkojump.jpg  199903d.jpg

“Jump”, video and installation by Job Koelewijn.


Helmut Smits planting a tree in front of a billboard.


“t.w. (blow)” by Kendell Geers.