»Hotel 2001«, 2001 by Matthias Herrmann.

»Sinai Hotels«, 2008 by Sabine Haubitz and Stefanie Zoche.

The double video installation »Guysgocrazy«, 2007 was produced in collaboration with the Prague-based pornographic company under the same name which organizes large-scale orgies. The empty studios were filmed before and after one of their events.

»Arkadashlar«, 2006. The video made at the British Military Base in Cyprus and initially presented as part of the video Installation »Truly«, documents the commission of British army Jet Fighter airplanes to draw a heart on the Cypriot Sky. It was screened for three days on top of The Marmara Hotel, one of the most prominent buildings in Istanbul, during the time of the formal visit of the Greek Foreign Affairs Minister Dora Bakoyianni for the talks she had with her counterpart Abdullah Gul, in their attempt to ease the tension between the two countries, following the mid-air collision between jousting Greek and Turkish fighters over the Aegean. By Christodoulos Panayiotou.

»Untitled, (Today your room was serviced by…)«, 2008 (Enamel on board, piano hinge, magnets and concealed paper money) by Claire Fontaine.


»Tremor Rumour Hoover«, 2001,


»H-fact: Hospitality/ Hostility«, 2005 by Hüseyin Alptekin.


»Vue des Alpes« is a project of a fictious hotel on the internet. The site where the hotel is being built has been developed and constructed on a PC pentium III with various 3D programmes since March 2000. By Monica Studer and Christoph Van den Berg.


“Park View Hotel” by Ashok Sukumaran. Using specially-built pointing devices, audiences in the park can access interior hotel spaces, by “pinging” them optically. Once found and hit (two different modes on the scope) the interiors release their properties into a wireless network… the color of the interior propagates stochastically, leaking out of the building skin, jumping across the street, and entering some street-lights in the park below.

r3_before_th Kopie.jpg

»Hotel Ballymun«. From 31. march to 27. april 2007 the top floor of the Clarke Tower, Ballymun, in Dublin Ireland will be converted into a unique short stay hotel by artist Seamus Nolan. He has reused and recycled discarded materials from the soon to be demolished tower block. The artist has been working with local residents developing a series of furniture workshops. Participants have worked with some of Ireland’s top furniture designers customising and remodelling new furniture from existing furniture and discarded materials for use in the hotel.


Hanged Man #3


Butt Massage Demonstration


Hotel Photos and further projects by AA Bronson.