»Geogoo«, 2008 by JODI.

“Hand of Hip Hop”, 2006 by Torbjørn Rødland.

»Mass of St. Gregory, Münster. Defacement 9 february 1529«,

»Annunciation, Swanden. Defacement 21 december 1528« by Gert Jan Kocken.

»Wonder«, 2009 (Byzantine icon, tears mechanism) by Vlad Nanca.

»Recorded Yesterday«, 2004 by Slater Bradley.

»Arrangement 8«, 2008 by Sean Raspet.

»Video Icon«, 2008 by Stas Cheprunov.

“Elf/Elf”, 2006 by Gottfried Bechtold. Eleven models of a Porsche 911 covered with a protective cloth casted in concrete.


»The Battle of the Novgorodians with the Suzdalians«, 1994 (arrows, fishing-line) based on detail of the early Russian icon »The Battle of the Novgorodians with the Suzdalians«, middle 15th century. By Dmitri Gutov.


Self published photocopy books “Sweet Shop” and


“Sun Beam” by Anthony Burrill.