»I am Milica Tomic«, 1999 by Milica Tomic.

»When a Country Falls in Love with Itself«, 2008 by Elmgreen & Dragset.

»Paris«, 2006 (Paris sign in the Botanical Garden Bucharest) by Sebastian Moldovan.

»We Will Meet Again«, 2006 by Jan Nálevka.


“Gloria series (half mast)”, 2007 by Alexandre da Cunha.


»Belgian Flag«, 2006 by Justin Morin.


Daniel Malone.

abramov1.jpg abramov3.jpg

»Role Exchange«, 1975 performance by Marina Abramovic. This dual performance was executed in two institutions, De Appel Gallery and the Red Light District in Amsterdam. For the opening night of the artist’s exhibition, the prostitute went to the gallery, the artist’s working place, while the artist, assuming the role of a prostitute, went to the Red Light District, and set in the window, the prostitute’s working place.


»Lecture with actress«, 1997. For an evening of ideas between artists and philosophers about reality and fiction, Barbara Visser was invited to talk about her works. Instead, Visser employed a tall blond actress with no previous knowledge of her work to do the lecture instaed, equipped with and invisible earpiece, repeating what Visser was prompting in her ear.


»Boris«, 1991. One image from a series of photographs made in wax museums and dioramas. By Barbara Visser.


»Something relatively expensive that will depreciate in value to $100 by the year 2008«, 2006


»A attempt to selflessly eradicate one’s individual identity«, 2006 by Jon Sasaki.


Fake Press Card by Oliver Musovik, used for free exhibition and museum visits.