»Arthur«, 2008, (powder coated aluminum sheet, Ikea and components) by Christian Giroux and Daniel Young.


“House cats” and


“Still perfect lovers” – After Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Pair of cellophaned, unconsumed clocks. By Jack Falanga.


»74 Farben«, 2007, a light box, containing all 374 pages of the 2007 IKEA catalogue, each simplified to a rectangle of pure color and arranged left-to-right , top-to-bottom. By Jason Salavon.

dheedene 1.jpg

Stefaan Dheedene bought a piece of furniture from the Billy series at Ikea. The day before the exhibition opening, Dheedene took Billy back to Ikea. He received the money he invested back. In the time before the opening the artist hired a carpenter who reconstructed the mass-produced Billy as a unique work of art. Using a slightly different wood, Dheedene’s Billy was born – almost the same as Ikea’s mass-produced version sold all over the world, but unique.


“Completely furnished for 786,56 Euro” and “Billy Agen” – packed furniture. By Christian Mayer.

shrinkedPETbottle.jpg ikea_diy.jpg

“1,5l PET water bottle transformed to a 0,5l bottle and filled with local tap water from Berlin”, “Ikea DIY”,

coca_cola_condensation_cube.jpg closed_biosphere.jpg

“Coca Cola Condensation Cube” (refers to Hans Haacke) and “Closed Biosphere” by Tue Greenfort.