»Rug Harp«, 2009 by Jamie Isenstein.

»Don quixote hip«, 2009 by Benjamin Valenza.


Bassline Baseline, 2005 by Nate Harrison. Video. Single channel digital video with sound.

“Untitled (Instrument)”, 2008 by Faith La Rocque.
Stool, Epsom salts, rare earth magnet, hematite magnet, harmony balls.

“Untitled (mirrored tambourine painting)”, 2008 and

“Untitled (cement towel corners)”, 2008 by Paul Lee.

»Death In Dallas«, 2001 by Zoran Naskovski. A video installation, which sets newsreel footage of John F. Kennedy’s life and assassination with a mournful ballad about the tragedy sung to the accompaniment by the sounds of an ancient one-stringed instrument known a gusle. The inspiration for the piece was an unsettling audio recording, bearing the same title, which Naskovski found at a neighbourhood flea market in Serbia.

“Tuned Stairway”, 2009 by Fabrica.

»A Colour-Coding of Partch’s Ptolemy Keyboard Based on his Chromelodeon I«, (2008). Digital print applying the arbitrary colour scheme used by the American composer Harry Partch on the microtonal keyboard he constructed, called the Chromelodeon I, to his first-ever constructed instrument, the Ptolemy. The only record of the Ptolemy is a black & white photo. The colour print represents one “octave” (comprised of 41 distinct notes) of the Ptolemy keyboard as it may have appeared. The original instrument was misplaced by Partch sometime in the 1940s. By Craig Leonard.


“Samplingplong”, 2006 by Jörg Niehage (Video).


“Original peruvian carpet and digital project for musicians” and


“Plectrums” by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel.


»Land Mark« (Foot prints) #2, Set II, 2001-2004,


Still from »Returning a Sound«, 2004 by Jennifer Allora & Guillermo Calzadilla.


»One on One« (2007)


»All the Lovesongs« (2007). Two facing speakers are joined in a soundproof box, playing a short loop of a song about relationships. By Nina Jan Beier & Marie Jan Lund.

Ill Prepared Piano 2.jpg

»Ill Prepared Piano« (2003). A classified ad in a local newspaper was answered on the day of the performance and a professional piano tuner was hired to repair the gallery piano as the evening’s final performance. By Dave Dyment.


“Millitron” – Playerpiano II by Winfried Ritsch.


“Where There’s Smoke…”- Steinway baby grand piano. By Maarten Baas.

helicopterpiano3.jpg helicopterpiano4.med.jpg

“Piano Airlift” (1988/2006) by Gordon Monahan.


»Playing Piano« (2008) is a stripped down, altered and refashioned piano with the addition of microprocessor-controlled machines and appropriated old piano rolls. By Marla Hlady.


»no title« (2006) by Helmut Smits.


»Plight 2«, 2007, by Matthieu Laurette. An update of the 1985 Joseph Beuys installation »Plight« originally exhibited in London and then bought by and reconstructed at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.


»Pianorama«, 2005. An old fashioned upright piano sits in the middle of the space. There are two small loudspeakers on top of it. A mechanical device (which plays the piano), sits on top of the keys. Out of one loudspeaker comes Janet’s voice and out of the other comes George’s. These voices are discussing what type of music might be appropriate for what seems to be a film they are planning. By Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller.

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