»Hot Pot for Kling and Bang«, 2009 by Craig Le Blanc.

Installation view of “As He Remembered It“, 2011 by Stephen Prina.

»Integración del plano exterior e interior«, 1998 by Tercerunquinto.

»The First Kiss (bending a building)«, 2009 by Riccardo Benassi.


»Barsoi«, 2009 by Roza Janiszewska.


»Just what is it that makes today’s homes so different, so appealing?«, 1956 by Richard Hamilton.


»Modern Girl«, 1999 from the series Abigails Party by Ann Shelton.


»A Shovel and a Hole«, 2004 by Urs Fischer.

»vectorscape – 009«, 2002 by Hirofumi Katayama.

»Evil Interiors«, 2003 by Palle Torsson.

»Our New Apartment«, 2008-2009 by Georg Schnitzer and Peter Umgeher.


From the series “Les Vues du Brésil à Vienne” by Christian Mayer.


“Ausblick” by Martin Dörbaum.

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»Interior 20«, 2000 and »Interior 15«,2000 by Isabell Heimerdinger.

200507102203500.Hedonistic portraits-I small.jpg 200507102203500.Hedonistic portraits-II small.jpg

»New Hedonism« (2006) by Alla Georgieva.


“Park View Hotel” by Ashok Sukumaran. Using specially-built pointing devices, audiences in the park can access interior hotel spaces, by “pinging” them optically. Once found and hit (two different modes on the scope) the interiors release their properties into a wireless network… the color of the interior propagates stochastically, leaking out of the building skin, jumping across the street, and entering some street-lights in the park below.