From the series “Waste Land”, 2011 by Robert F. Hammerstiel.

LET 100 FLOWERS BLOOM, 2006 by Bergman & Salinas. Video.

directionstolastvisitor.com, 2011 by Charles Broskoski.

»AR« by Emilio Gomariz.

Season two episode three of »There’s No “I” in Trisha« by Trisha Baga.

»**.*XXX* EXTRA CREDIT ***a TOTAL jizzfest*** *«, 2012 by Jennifer Chan.


»Why Are There No Great Women Net Artists?« an essay by Jennifer Chan.

»Birth of the Net«, 2012,

»Professional berry visuals«, 2012

and »Girl Morph«, 2012 by Guthrie Lonergan.

»Void Mastery / Blank Control«, 2011 by Petra Cortright.

»MIDHIGH 105«, 2011 by Nicolas Sassoon.

»consumption junction«, 2010 by Ash Sechler.

»19:30 stacks«, 2011 by Aleksandra Domanović. The stack on the right is freely downloadable as a PDF.

»godney.jpg«, 2011 by Laura Brothers.

»Geogoo«, 2008 by JODI.

»Captcha« by Gabrielle De Vietri.

»A Tour of the Atlantic Crossing 1 Transatlantic Submarine Cable«, 2011 performance, encrypted 500 gigabyte portable hard drive by Lance Wakeling.

»CONSTELLATION (NETMARES)«, 2009, recording of a day’s worth of clicks on a screen, by Kari Altmann.

“Building an Electronic Ruin”, 2011 by Andreas Angelidakis.

“Hang in there”, 2010 by Anders Clausen. Digital print, anodised aluminium frame.

From the exhibition “Every Website is a Monument”, 2011 by Angelo Plessas.

Free live streaming by Ustream

»Sunny n shiiite«, 2011 is a one week long live stream by Katja Novitskova, in which she will be making arrangements of found and created objects in a geographically unlocated and thus ‘virtual’ space. The stream ends on March 16th.

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