»Artist’s Book Club: Hakuruberri Fuin No Monogatari«, 2010 by Simon Fujiwara.

John Cage answers 19 questions on a variety of subjets using chance operations to determine the duration of his answers. From the film ‘From zero’, by Frank Scheffer.

The Farmers and the Helicopters“, 2006 Dinh Q. Lê, Tran Quoc Hai and Le Van Danh. Video installation in collaboration with Ha Thuc Phu Nam and Tuan Andrew Nguyen.

Hito Steyerl Interview.

Interview with Subodh Gupta (1999).

Interview with Haegue Yang (2008).

Interview with Tris Vonna-Michell (2008).

Miltos Manetas in Dialog with Flash Light (2007).

Maurizio Cattelan interviewed by Andrea Bellini (2005).

Marcia Tucker interviewed by Martina Pachmanová.

Cory Arcangel interviewed by Cathleen Chaffee.

Interview with Piero Golia, using questions taken from a 1974 interview with Bruce Nauman (the year of Golia’s birth).

Conversations with artists at Museum in Progress.

Piotr Uklanski interviewed by Daniel Baumann (2005).

Seth Price interviewed by Maurizio Cattelan.

David Shrigley interviews Jonathan Monk (2006).

Harald Szeemann interviewed by Hans-Ulrich Obrist (1996).

TV-Interview with Nam June Paik (1975) for the public television station WNET/Thirteen.

Interview with Robert Morris (1994).

Kim Sooja interviewed by Hans-Ulrich Obrist (1998).

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