»Untitled Video Painting 08 (Volcano) Camo Jacket 2«, 2010 by Borna Sammak.


“this is your caption speaking”, 2009 by Alistair Frost. Oil on linen.


»I/Work«, 2002, 35 leather jackets by Asta Gröting.

»Aktualizovaný oděv«, 1979 by Milan Knížák.

»The Leap Of Faith«, 2006 (dvd, poster, jackets, magnets, metals) by Ana Prvacki.


“The Family Tree” by Jay Heikes.

seth price.jpg

»Chords« and »Vintage Bomber«, 2006, vacuum-formed polystyrene, by Seth Price.


»Dispersion« by Seth Price.

elstol001 copy.jpg

»Electrical Chair«. Replica of an electrical chair, scale 01:01, made out of some 13000 Lego bits.

clothes001 copy.jpg

»All My Clothes«. By Bjorn Perborg.


»Fading Jacket« by Kim Hall.


Installation The Crossing consists of five red and white revised replicas of a Nike hooded sweatshirt; one black and white adapted version of an adidas sports jacket; one wall-based net structure/garment with wall-painting and white vest; one pair of hand-made running shorts, a leather-clad metal stick…


Composition in Black and White, consists of 7 x re-constructed versions of an Adidas sports jacket model name ‘Phantom Electric’, made using a range of black and white geometric and reflective fabrics, displayed on gold wire hangers. By Lisa Gallacher.


Shoboshobo’s fashion.