»MIRA«, 2006/2007 by Pedro Motta.

»Real Remnants of Fictive Wars IV«, 2004 by Cyprien Gaillard.


»edible urban party jungle«, 2008 by Namaiki using permaculture principles to create gardens focusing on edible perennials and trees (both useful and support species) in a compact food forest garden type system at the Jogja National Museum in Indonesia.


»The Jungle Book Project«, 2002, is a multilingual re-composition that plays on the universality of Walt Disney in 1967. Pierre Bismuth created a new soundtrack, based on 18 translations chosen by each character in function of the resonance of each language.

oahu_b3 copy.jpg

»Oahu« is a wooden wave island placed in front of the water-castle Villa Concordia in Bamberg/Germany.


»Jungle & House«.

holiday_on_ice_b1 copy.jpg

The installation »Holiday On Ice« is based on a classic ice skating rink built inside a penitentiary in Erbach/Germany, in which the inmates were invited to participate in an icehockey tournament. By Gregor Passens.