“g”, 2008 by Jack Strange. Lead ball, laptop.

»Oh why so serious?«, 2008 by Paul Chan.

»A Colour-Coding of Partch’s Ptolemy Keyboard Based on his Chromelodeon I«, (2008). Digital print applying the arbitrary colour scheme used by the American composer Harry Partch on the microtonal keyboard he constructed, called the Chromelodeon I, to his first-ever constructed instrument, the Ptolemy. The only record of the Ptolemy is a black & white photo. The colour print represents one “octave” (comprised of 41 distinct notes) of the Ptolemy keyboard as it may have appeared. The original instrument was misplaced by Partch sometime in the 1940s. By Craig Leonard.


»60 Minutes in the head of Gabriel«, 1996 by Gabriel Kousbroek.


»LEE FORREST FERGUSON«, 2007 (Snare drum, projector, keyboard, etc. With Lee Forrest Ferguson)


»EVERYTHING YOU CAN BORROW«, 2007 (LCDs (various sizes), gamepad. With Asia Bas, Katarzyna Dzierzawin, Anna Gigon, Michal Gonciarczyk, Lukasz Grochowski, Piotr Grochowski, Miho Iwata, Magda Kowalska.) by Wojciech Kosma.


“Bad” and


pictures from the series “Stars love computers” by Julien Prévieux.


“Neon, Do Me Baby”, “Keyboard” and “Turntables” by David Ersser. All sculptures are made out of balsa wood.

banks_violette_salt_space.jpg  L_ghost.jpg

“SunnO))) / (Repeater) Decay / Coma Mirror” and “Ghost” by Banks Violette.


Sign Generator Keyboard.


Sign Generator Panel. By Norm.