»Doldrum«, 2009 by Anri Sala.


»23:40«, 2008 (each day at 11:40 p.m. the stick strokes the snare once) by Valentin Ruhry.

»Phasing Dancing Stand Sculptures«, 2009 by Cory Arcangel.


“Machine with concrete”, 1992 by Athur Ganson. The speed at which the cogwheels turn is slowed down by 12 pairs of reductors. The last cogwheel needs two trillion years to complete one rotation (video).

“Resonator”, 2009 by David Beattie. Steel, motor, wood, electric cable.

“The Kabul Golf Club: Open in 1967, Relocated in 1973, Closed in 1978, Reopen around 1993, Closed again in 1996 and Reopen in 2004”, 2006 by Mario García Torres. Metal kinetic sculpture.

The “Wind Array Cascade Machine – WACM” (2003), by Steve Heimbecker, is a 64 channel kinetic wind mapping and network diffusion system. The data generated, can be recorded and archived. The WACM series of installations are: “POD” (2003), “Signe” (2005), “Paravent” (2006), and the “Turbulence Sound Matrix” (2007).

“75P”, 2004 by Henrik Menné. Dyed paraffin wax, iron, heating element, engine.

»Simple Couples«, 2009 by Lara Favaretto.

“Swing”, 2007 by Su-Mei Tse.

“La Défense oder: ∞”, 2006 by Johanna Tinzl / Stefan Flunger. “La Défense oder: ∞” consists of two cameras that work as a self-referential system. Motion detectors analyse the lightness distinctions of the images that are taken by the cameras on the side opposite to each other. They react due to changes within a certain scope of the image and set that camera in motion that has observed those shifts in darkness or in lightness. Video.

“Wavefunction”, 2007 (Video) by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.

“Volume of Emptiness” (Video) by John Houck.

“56 kleine Helicopter”, 2008 by Roman Signer.

“Arbeit an Bildern/Bodybuilding”, 1994/1997 by Frank Fietzek.

“Symphony for 54 Shoes” by Ingrid Bachmann.

robotlab, “The Bible Scribe”, 2007.

“Workaholic”, 2000 by Perry Hoberman.

“Robot Dance”, 1995 by Alan Rath.

»Custom Rim Job«, 2007 by Olav Westphalen.

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