“Proposition de détour”, 2006 by Su-Mei Tse. Wool carpet.


“Two Way Mirror and Hedge Labyrinth”, 1989 by Dan Graham.


Documentation of »Totale Erinnerung«, 2009 curated by vvork.com as part of the 3rd Fotofestival in Mannheim, Ludwigshafen and Heidelberg, 05.09.2009 – 25.10.2009.

»Yellow Labyrinth«, 2007 by Aki Nagasaka.

»Amaze«, 1971 by Yoko Ono.

»Floating Maze«, 2007 by Peter Sandbichler.

Bild 14.png

»La rentrée en sol – Cathédrale d’Amiens«, 2005 by Régis Perray.