»Spithead«, 2006 from the raft series by Andy Parker.

“Nomad of the Steppers Fluorescent Light and Hot Water” (detail), 2007 by Patrick Jackson.

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“Fireworks 15.03.06” by Sandra Kranich. Video.


»La Scala«, 1993, designed for the theatre De Meerse in Hoofddorp. The work was named after the famous theatre in Milan. The origin of this work lies in language. La scala literally means ladder: the object placed on the roof of the theatre is a ladder of words. But the French word for ladder, l’echelle, also means ‘scale’ – the proportions of a map. This meaning evokes an idea of perspective: things that become smaller, vanishing into infinity. So doing, the ladder has been distorted and the perspective lines disappearing into the vanishing point have been emphasised. By Martine Neddam.


“Being on Top” by Stefan Schuster.




 ”Old good times”. The buildings shown are an abandoned textile factory complex, in which the chimney was re-activated for the period of one day.


“Privatised”. Works by Leopold Kessler.


The garage opens itself in a reversed direction by using its two garage doors as static walls which make this opening function possible.


Robert Barta changed his sleeping rhythm in order to stay awake during the night and sleep the day a week before the show. During the opening hours people could see Barta sleeping under the glass and walk over him.


The steps of the ladder move up- or downwards due to the visitors` position. This movement, controlled by a motion detector stops after a short period of time. This principle of switching on an escalator is known from daily life and adapted to this simple aluminum ladder. All three projects by Robert Barta.


Unterwegs, without title, without title (Yellow sculpture fitting to ladder) by Hans Hemmert.


Photos by Scarlett Hooft Graafland.


Sculpture made of glue by Henrik Menné.