»Home Detention«, 2009 by Eva Kotátková.

»Lake Huron from the Southwest«, 2010 by Becky Beasley.

»Floating Maze«, 2007 by Peter Sandbichler.

“Double helix swing”, 2006 by Ursula Damm.

5.jpg 3.jpg

Images from »Aipotu: Love Will Tear Us Apart«, 2004. Installation inspired by a visit to the abandoned Whalers Base in New Zealand (Stewart Island), consisting of large colour photograph series entitled Aipotu: Psychogeographies ; a blackboard mental-map of Stewart Island and; a psychedelic computer animation accompanied with a mixed-up soundtrack (Joy Divisions Love Will Tear Us Apart performed by a string quartet). By Mladen Bizumic. Video.


Stills from Fall 0 # Weil video by Sarah Schoenfeld.


Photos by Scarlett Hooft Graafland.


Sam Ashley in Finland.