»MIDHIGH 105«, 2011 by Nicolas Sassoon.

»First Woman on the Moon«, 1999 video by Aleksandra Mir.

»Lake Huron from the Southwest«, 2010 by Becky Beasley.

»Paysages d’Italie«, 1992-1993 by Thibaut Cuisset.


»Nu•tka•«, 1996 by Stan Douglas.

Picture 12

Promo video for a guided tour of Second Life by Jon Rafman.

»Scarp«, 2008 by Jarod Charzewski.

»the insistence of distance«, 2010 by Richard T. Walker.

»Ceremony for an homogeneous landscape«, 2009 by Milena Bonilla.


“Landscape for Fire”, 1972 by Anthony McCall.


“Mountains with Smoke” by Martin Murphy.


“Out of disorder” by Takahiro Iwasaki.


Variable Risk Landscape“, 2004 by Dalibor Martinis.


“9/17/2006, 8:45 am – 9:45am, N 78°13.370’ E 015°40.024’” from the series “1h Northern Hemisphere (2005-2008)” by Hans-Christian Schink.

“The Triumph of Our Tired Eyes”, 2002 by Barbara Breitenfellner.

“Substitute Locations”, 2005-06 by Karina Nimmerfall.

»www.thirtyfourparkinglots.com«, 2008 by Pascual Sisto.

»El sueno de una cosa«, 2001 by Philippe Parreno. A group of large-format, white monochrome paintings by Rauschenberg from 1951 is displayed in a classical exhibition situation, periodically the space darkens and a 1-minute long film by Parreno is projected onto the paintings.

From the slide show “Talking heads”, 2009 by Nicolas Muller.

»Variations on an homogeneous landscape«, 2006 by Milena Bonilla.

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