“Object Construction Number 1: Reflective Abstraction (Mishima)”, 2007 by Falke Pisano.

»Stenotype« (detail), 2010 by Alex Martinis Roe.

»Beige«, 2010 by Hanne Lippard.

»THE CHARACTER«, 2011 by Candice Breitz.

»I am Milica Tomic«, 1999 by Milica Tomic.

»HEBREW PAINTINGS VITRINE #1«, 2010 by Asher Penn.

»Laloli«, 2010 by Claude Closky.


»Good Evening«, 1996 by Apsolutno and Aleksandar Davic. Video excerpt.


»CNN Concatenated«, 2002 by Omer Fast. Video excerpt.


»Mouse Cow Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake«, 2006 by Yangjiang Group.

»Visions of the World (Asleep)«, 2008 by Claire Fontaine.


“Personenanalphabet (A Portrait of the Artist as an Alphabet)”, 2008 by Anna Artaker.


»On the Town«, 2008 by Simon Ripoll-Hurier.

“Olafur Eliasson”, 2009 by Matthew Draving in collaboration with Duncan Scovil. Slideshow, sound. Video.

»Best of 2000«, 2002, every adjective used to describe artists and their work in Artforum’s “Best of 2000″, by Jennifer Dalton.


»Greatest Hits in Spanglish« by Pascual Sisto.


»Dadameter«, 2002-2008, Global index of the decay of the aura of language, By Christophe Bruno.

Excerpt from »Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy«, 1998, by Martin Arnold.


»Translation Piece« (2002) by Jonathan Monk consists of a documented series of successive translations of a description of Robert Barry’s immaterial Telepathic Piece (1969). What begins with Barry’s statement ‘During the exhibition I will try to communicate telepathically a work of art, the nature of which is a series of thoughts that are not applicable to language or image’ becomes, after passing through a number of commercial agencies, gibberish: ‘in this image the way of expression of reactions of the soul attempts to come close to a work of art’.


»The Jungle Book Project«, 2002, is a multilingual re-composition that plays on the universality of Walt Disney in 1967. Pierre Bismuth created a new soundtrack, based on 18 translations chosen by each character in function of the resonance of each language.

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