»A Rocket Named Vertigo«, 2007. A water kettle gets turnet into a rocket according to the prinziple of bottlerockets. The vessel has a total volume of 350 litres, filled with approximately 100 litres of water and 6,5 bar at the last try seen here. By David Moises.


»Porträtgalerie«, 1992.


»Tisch Mit Raketen«, 1993 and »Without Title«, 2005. All by Roman Signer.

shuttle2 copy.jpg

»Roosevelt Island Shuttle«. Bungee cord, chair, skis, steel and wood construction.Video. By Robert Hickman.


»Keep on Smoking«. As an alternative to petrol, this custom-made bicycle transforms kinetic energy produced by the cyclist into smoke. Video.


»Shared Propulsion Car«. In this project, all superfluous devices were removed from an 86’ Buick Regal (such as the motor, suspension, transmission and electrical system) thereby reducing the weight of the vehicle whilst preserving its appearance. It was then equipped with 4 independent pedal and gear mechanisms that make it possible for passengers to form a self-propulsion group. The »Shared Propulsion Car« makes it possible for the passengers to drive on public roads with the goal of blocking traffic.


»Réparations«. This work is an initiative in the course of which used plastic bottles found by chance on the street are recuperated and transformed into rockets. The ballistic launching device is made up of a bicycle pump used to compress a mixture of water and air in the recuperated bottle. Through the incessant up-and-down movement of the pump, the internal pressure reaches its peak, which results in a loud explosion and the release of the bottle’s compressed contents. In this way, the bottle is transformed into a veritable rocket and shoots skyward. In walking through the city, bottles that had been abandoned in the streets were successively fired into the Paris sky. All projects by Michel de Broin.

Escape1 Kopie.jpg

»Escape Vehicle no.6« shows the launching of a weather balloon with a domestic chair dangling in space beneath it, making a journey from the ground to the edge of space (30km up). The footage shows the chair first rush away from the fields and roads, ascend through clouds and finally (against the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space) begin to disintegrate. By Simon Faithfull.