»Potato Perspective« by Åsa Sonjasdotter.


“Rock, Paper, Scissors”, 2009 by Jinoos Taghizadeh.


»Song of Solomon«, 2006 is an aleatoric audio collage, an 8-channel audio installation that samples many versions of ‘Mbube’, aka ‘Wimoweh’ aka ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, in a sonic tribute to the song’s dead author Solomon Linda. By Julian Jonker and Ralph Borland.

»Standard Agreement Form«, 1971-02-24 drafted by Seth Siegelaub and Bob Projansky.


In the video Poli IV, Yosuha Okón asks a Mexico City policeman to demonstrate his ability with the baton.


All Employees is a project for which Yosuha Okón went to all the “Carl’s Jr” (a chain of fast food restaurants) in Los Angeles and shot brief videos of each one of the employees presenting him/herself behind the counter. The final result is a video in which, one by one, all the employees get layered one on top of the other until many levels get constructed creating an abstract mass.


Sudden Death is a set of five photographs taken at a gated community in the middle of the tropical forests of Oaxaca. Tomasa, a Chatina healer, poses as if she were playing paddle-tennis amongst the contrasting greenery of the foreign tennis courts and the local vegetation.


Inflatable Stage I Trans AM.


Trans AM drawing tool in action. Burnout drawing on paper.


While doing a burnout Guy Overfelt was arrested by SFPD. Guy hired Tony Serra to represent him in the criminal jury trial, and two court room sketch artists. Serra and his team got the case dropped the day of the jury trail.


On March 29th, 1998, 7:30 pm, Guy Overfelt had Tony Labat shoot him with an Air Taser. One probe hit Overfelt’s chest and the other his nose, piercing through his nostril and causing him to fall to the ground.


Self-portrait with the Prosecutor Jeffrey Nice, 2003 and Self-portrait in White Shirt, 2002. During two years, Ivan Grubanov was frequently part of the severely limited audience in the trial to Slobodan Milosevic at the International Tribunal in The Hague.


Visitor series, 2002-3. Although he did not have the required authorization, he was successful evading surveillance cameras and other security measures as to make over two hundred drawings of the hearings, accompanied with short phrases that he wrote down, taken from the oral proceedings.


In the garden of the Noordsingel prison (Netherlands) an 18 meter high palmtree is standing on a small white island of exactly 10,2 m2. This tree will be clearly visible from outside the prison. This image will cause curiosity, but if you realy want to now what is behind those walls, a not advisable route most be taken. Those imprisoned will experience a different point of view. At the foot of the tree isn’t the desired paradise but a barren white island of exactly the same size as a prison cell. By PIEK!.


PIEK! made concrete suitcases and placed them next to benches and picknickplaces in parks etc. These ‘lost suitcases’ were ankered in the ground. Nowadays these suitcases are grown with moss-green and really look like forgotten suitcases that have never been picked up yet.