“Wallhanging (eleven Drafts)”, 2011 by Jenni Tischer. Aquarell on paper.

“Untitled”, 2010 by Nikolas Gambaroff. Newspaper on canvas, framed.

»NEON-VOLVOLO /POP-ARZIGOGOLO«, 2007 by Ludovica Gioscia.

From the series “Authentic Sources Furniture, 2011 by Clemence Seilles.

Picture 3

»Forecast«, 2011 by Anne de Vries.

»A Flight to the Land Beyond the North Pole I & II«, 2010 by Johan Eldrot and Erik Larsson.

»Palais Keiner Mayer«, 2009 by Gelitin.


»David«, 2005 by Serkan Özkaya.

“World Map”, 2006 by Ai Weiwei. Cloth.

»Timekeeper«, 1999. Installation view of a hole revealing wall painting of successive exhibition layers, 20 cm in diameter at the Viennese Secession. By Pierre Huyghe.


»I Wanted to See All of the News From Today« (Aggregating – daily – the front pages of all printed national newspapers from around the world into one place. (Currently includes 618 titles)) by Martin John Callanan.


“Stack” by Florian Neufeldt.


More of the Same” loads copies of one sound sample, causing the system to produce different sounds. By LoVid.


In the video Poli IV, Yosuha Okón asks a Mexico City policeman to demonstrate his ability with the baton.


All Employees is a project for which Yosuha Okón went to all the “Carl’s Jr” (a chain of fast food restaurants) in Los Angeles and shot brief videos of each one of the employees presenting him/herself behind the counter. The final result is a video in which, one by one, all the employees get layered one on top of the other until many levels get constructed creating an abstract mass.


Sudden Death is a set of five photographs taken at a gated community in the middle of the tropical forests of Oaxaca. Tomasa, a Chatina healer, poses as if she were playing paddle-tennis amongst the contrasting greenery of the foreign tennis courts and the local vegetation.

came from sapporo.jpg

“Came from Sapporo” and other videos by Hiroshi Kondo.