Picture 4

Diane Arbus


»Supersurface-Life«, 1972 by Superstudio.

Picture 3

»Mike (22, killed)«, from the series: Human life in colour by Vadik Marmeladov.

»In Almost Every Picture #7«, 2009 is a photo-book showing Ria van Dijk while shooting. Every time she hits the target, it triggers the shutter of a camera, and a portrait in firing pose is taken and given as a prize. It documents almost every year of the dutch woman’s life up until present times. Collected by Erik Kessels and Joep Eijkens.


»Life clock«, 2008. Clock mechanism slowed down 61320 times (each number represents years). By Bertrand Planes.

totalrecall.jpg Bild-3.jpg

Total Recall” is a silent, single channel video installation, approximately 18’ in duration at its current incarnation. It is composed entirely from images culled from Google Image Search. International standard date format (yyyy-mm-dd) is used as a search term in Google Image Search for everyday Ryan Park has been alive: 1978-09-21 until the work’s date of completion (2007-08-10 in the included sample). For each date, the highest ranked image is downloaded and inserted sequentially into the video. By Ryan Park. Video.


Selection of images from the series »troops of defense / strategic places« by Vincent Debanne.


Life Support Systems – Vanda is an attempt to analyze electrical signals from the vanda hybrida orchid, and apply language modeling techniques to these signals in a computer. The result is a virtual model, which continues to generate similar signals long after the original orchids are gone – a kind of computerized longevity. Mateusz Herczka



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A new life-form.