“DÖBLING REFORM: panier und biobourgeoisie” an exhibition by __fabrics interseason at Grazer Kunstverein.


“Girl doing the splits”, “Hair wave from girl fight” and “Dope E of the Terrorists” from the series “Houston”.

gaahl.jpg frost.jpg

“Frost of 1349 & Satyricon” and “Gaahl of Gorgoroth” from the series “Norwegian Black Metal”. All pictures by Peter Beste.

crystal1.jpg  nail1.jpg

“Crystal” and “Nail” from the series “Human Advertisement” by Xavier Cha.


Various Constructions by Peter Liversidge.


“Bad” and


pictures from the series “Stars love computers” by Julien Prévieux.

CaryKwokGirls.jpg  birth.jpg

“Girls” and “Birth” by Cary Kwok.


»Table Tennis Players«, 2005, at the ARTZONE in Kyoto by COUMA. A table-tennis table was placed in the center of the venue and the six members stayed at the venue for as long as possible, playing table tennis while completing the work. COUMA consist of six artists who continue to pursue individual careers. The members are: Takehiro Iikawa, Teppei Kaneuji, Yuki Kimura, Manpei Tsurubayashi, Ai Nakagawa and Hyougo Hofuku. They met through playing table tennis. Into their works they reduce the world that emerges when the heights of table tennis are reached.



The fashion label ____fabrics interseason positions itself and its work within an international network of electronic music, fine arts and design.