»katanga bub«, 2011 by Anne de Vries.

»Door«, 2010 by Gyula Várnai.

»The Superhero Series«, 2009 by Elena Ciobanu.

»Islands (2)«, 1996, 72 lightboxes by Jaume Plensa.

»Wonder«, 2009 (Byzantine icon, tears mechanism) by Vlad Nanca.

»The Evil Painting«, 2008 (oil on lightbox) by Ivan Grubanov.

01_fade_pop.jpg 02_fade_pop.jpg 04_fade_pop.jpg

“Fade” (light element with four neon tubes and electronic controller, spy mirror, aluminium) by Gerold Tagwerker.

ClfoCatania Kopie.jpg

»Visions Of The World (Catania)«, 2007, and »Brickbats (Taccuini Di Guerra Incivile) PRESENT«, 2007, by Claire Fontaine.


»Interactive Lightboxes«, 2007.


»A2«, 2003, installation by son:DA.


»74 Farben«, 2007, a light box, containing all 374 pages of the 2007 IKEA catalogue, each simplified to a rectangle of pure color and arranged left-to-right , top-to-bottom. By Jason Salavon.


»Les Reflets« (Sandwish Turc, Loto, Opticien and Hong-Kong Fast Food) from 2004 Franck Scurti.