»Untitled Tower«, 1999 by Jennifer Bolande.


“Lumières”, 2000 by Christian Boltanski.

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»Untitled« (For Stockholm), 1992, and

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»Untitled«, 1990 by Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

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“Lampada Taraxacum Modificata”, 2008 (“Taraxacum” by Achille Castiglioni, energy-saving LED light bulbs, solar panels) by Tue Greenfort.

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»Airliner Open Studio«, 2006, installation by Geoffrey Farmer.


“Darkness falls on Beroldingerstrasse 7, 79224 Umkirch” by Jason Dodge. All of the light bulbs, candles, matches and anything that makes light is taken from a house in a forest in Germany.


»Humbug« is an installation with amplified insect sounds for a camping site.


»Lightbar« is an interactive light installation in which the public can control a display existing out of 81 light bulbs. By pressing the sensors the audience can make animations and simple games. Both projects by Roch.