»Opening«, 2009 by Pierre Huyghe.


»Objekt 201168« 1968 by Aleksandar Srnec.


“Constellation”, 2006 by Chu Yun.


“Lumières”, 2000 by Christian Boltanski.

»Orbite Rosse (Red Orbits)«, 2009 by Grazia Toderi.

“Use it for what it’s used for (prototype)”, 2009,

“Afognak Abstract #2”, 2009 and “Afognak Abstract #1”, 2009 by Oscar Tuazon.

“Constellation” by Hannah Whitaker.


“Practice for locality and non-locality derived from diffraction of lights” by Minoru Sato.

peter vink.JPG.jpg

»de dragers« (2007) by Peter Vink.

souche2.jpg  souche4.jpg

“Souche” by Vincent Kohler. Video.


“Lighttypewriter” – the 264 light bulbs on the building could be controlled by 264 light switches on the street. By Constantin Luser.


Neverland“. Michael Jackson’s eyes from his “Live from the Neverland Ranch” broadcast 1993.

Nostalgia is Fear“. An artificial snow machine randomly activates with or without the viewer standing in the headlights of the car. Works by Jordan Wolfson.


Conatus (pilote) is a new attempt to organize chaos, to unite heterogeneity and to resuscitate the inert forms. By Boris Achour.

tape okna.jpg



Ataskoa was a public announcement to create a traffic jam in the hills. The announcement was made in the newspapers, over the radio, with flyers, posters, etc. On 18th September 2005, 160 cars (approximately 425 people) gathered at Intza, Navarre, on the sides of Mount Aralar. The jam started at 11am. and ended at 15pm. In addition to the 160 volunteering cars, a work team also participated to direct the traffic, organise lunch, take pictures and film from 5 different places. By Maider Lopez.