»Club Internet: Contact (1997)«, July 25, 2008 – August 19, 2008, curated by Damon Zucconi. Works by: Christopher Byler, Garrett Davis & Kieran Gillen, Aleksandra Domanovic, Harm van den Dorpel, Marcel Duchamp, Nathan Hauenstein, Martijn Hendriks, Jeremy Hughes & Ken Seeno, KUO I-Chen, Hugh Pocock, Jordan Rhoat, Ken Seeno, Alexandr Skarlinski and James Whipple.

»REBRANDING ACTS« by www.wooloo.org, is an investigation into cultural identity in an age of global migration. The project asks artists to look closely at the ongoing production of “nationality” in their home countries and to examine the ways in which this public narrative includes certain individuals and groups – while excluding others. Deadline for submission is Sunday, August 31st 2008.