»Monument To Atlantic Records«, 2008 by Elizabeth Price.

»Mantra«, 2007 by Stefano Arienti.

»Calendar (for Jack Goldstein)«, 2010 by Dave Dyment.

»Footstompin«, 1991 by Christian Marclay.


»Bad«, 2006 by Julien Prévieux.


»Bad« (2007) by Kristoffer Akselbo.

»Full Moonlight«, 2008,

»Étude (Minor Relative)«, 2008,

»From Right to Left (Playing the Farfisa Organ and the Rhodes-Electric Piano)«, 2008 by João Paulo Feliciano.

»Octodons’mix«, 2003 by Stéphane Vigny.

»Debauched Zeitgeist«, 2006, by Carla Edwards.


»bausatz noto ∞« (1998). Four Technics SL-1210 turntables are integrated into a table. On each of these turntables rests a specially produced vinyl record with 12 endless grooves each of which provides the visitor with the opportunity to play several sound-loops endlessly. By Carsten Nicolai.

Picture 3.png

»LIGHT READING 1500 cinematic explosions«, 2006 by Elizabeth McAlpine . The whitest frame from 1500 different cinematic explosions has been taken and compiled together to make a minute long white flickering movie the sound track has become an agitated micro sound due to the editing process.

Picture 4.png Picture 5.png

»Quintet«, 2006; Vinyl records, record player, plywood. By Elizabeth McAlpine .


»10 Beach Boys Songs«, 2006 by Graham Dolphin.


»Top Ten«, 2005. A pie-graph of the top ten selling records of all time is recreated as a record, using proportional wedges from the records involved, which include The Eagles, Michael Jackson, Boston, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, Elton John and Billy Joel. By Dave Dyment.


»Jeff’s Top Ten (For the last month I was single)«, 2004 (acrylic on paper) by Dave Muller.


»Discotek«, 2006 by Sivan L. Rubinstein