Opening performance of »What it Does to Your City«, 2012 by Cyprien Gaillard. Video excerpt.

The Eating Gear Grinding Machine” from the series “The Sound of Images” by Niko Princen.

A device from the »Fire Painting« , 2010 performance by Sanela Jahić.

»The Inter Machine«, 2008, lottery machine, polystyrene and paper, by Maja Bajević.


Still from »The Time Machine in alphabetical order«, 2010 by Thomson & Craighead.


Dunkelkammerhut (Darkroom Hat)” by Alfons Schilling.

“5T”, 2007 by Henrik Menné. Tin, plexiglas, aluminum, iron, engine, machine.

»Photomat«, 2003 by Oz Malul.


“Glassworks” by Kris Vleeschouwer.


»Washing Mashine«, 2007 (made from water dispenser) by N55.


“Minuterna” by Albin Karlsson. A machine painted a dot per minute. Video .


“The Fountain of Prosperity” (2007) by Michael Stevenson. “The Fountain of Prosperity” is a reconstruction of the “Moniac”, a machine designed in the late 1940s by New Zealand economist Bill Phillips to illustrate the concept of monetary flow in national economies. A fixed volume of red-dyed water, representing money, is pumped through a system of transparent tubes and sluices into clear chambers representing factors such as “surplus balances” and “International Monetary Funds”.


»Storm in a coffee cup« (2004) by Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum.


“Untitled Rhythm Machine” by Andreas Berlinger.


“Untitled”, 2006 – site specific painting machine. By Natasha Kidd.

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www.iwanttobeamachine.com (2008) by Angelo Plessas.

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Die Amme Die Amme_5” by Peter Dittmer.


Twelve-hour drawing on a piece of paper by Eivind Søreng Molvær.


Functional replica of Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen’s Chess Turk recreated by the Heinz Nixdorf Museum in Paderborn (In 1769 the Hungarian engineer Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen built a chess playing machine for the amusement of the Austrian Queen Maria Theresia. It was a mechanical device, shaped like a Turk, and it became the most famous automaton in history).


»The Illustrating Machine« by Carl Henrik Wrethman. Video.

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